Let’s put it all together….

We’ve hit a lot of different topics this past week all centered around building your best core!  That means having optimal mobility and control of the pelvis, strong glutes, the ability to stabilize your lumbar spine and maintaining a good level of hydration. Today we’re putting all those pieces together and talking about what IContinue reading “Let’s put it all together….”

Hello Stability, nice to meet you!

Here’s the deal, everyone in my golf fitness world talk non stop about being mobile, improving mobility, flexibility, increasing rotation……basically, let’s make our joints move more. Sorry to all you pro mobility people out there, but I’m going to head a different direction with this post and challenge you to consider another option. I’m notContinue reading “Hello Stability, nice to meet you!”

Let’s get those Glutes helping your core

So you now have a better moving, more activated pelvis capable of finding a perfect neutral position in your exercises!  But how on earth to stabilize it and truly get the most out of every movement? The Glutes They are responsible for rotating and extending the hips in their primary action, but they also haveContinue reading “Let’s get those Glutes helping your core”

Let’s talk Pelvis, and start building your best core!

Yesterday we talked about some great ways to attack the core and get the best function out of your body.  But today, let’s go deeper and take a look at the first and most important step in building a sound base that will help you reach all sorts of awesome in everything you do throughoutContinue reading “Let’s talk Pelvis, and start building your best core!”

What in the core do I do?

Today I’m talking all about one of the most asked questions I get from new clients, long time clients, dogs, cats…..well, you get the picture.  The core is a popular subject and one with many interpretations on how to make it awesome.  With so much content out there on the web, it’s impossible to figureContinue reading “What in the core do I do?”

The reality of recovering from a car accident…..

It’s been a long time since I talked about the car accidents I was in over the past 6 years.  I just realized the other day that I’m 2 1/2 years from the last one, and even though it wasn’t high speed, it changed everything in my life.  Just this past Friday, I spent timeContinue reading “The reality of recovering from a car accident…..”