Cinco De Mayo Workout Alert!

Ok, this one is seriously awesome.  In fact, I loved this workout so much that it will definitely become a regular in my routine each week. One, it utilizes kettlebells which are pretty much my favorite training tool right now. Two, it challenges the left and right sides separately which is always a nice changeContinue reading “Cinco De Mayo Workout Alert!”

Empty the tank, then take time to reflect

I’m sharing this data today because I had a chance to stop in and take my favorite cycle class today. And the instructor Drew does something in his workouts that is truly making a huge impact on me. After one of the hardest sections of the workout where you literally feel your entire body tinglingContinue reading “Empty the tank, then take time to reflect”

How to use a foam roller to up your Dead Bug game

Lumbar stabilizing exercises are one of the most underrated exercises in any training program.  Yes, they’re not super exciting, but the rate of return on them is huge! The Dead Bug in particular is one of those lumbar stabilizing exercises that is commonly used, but rarely performed correctly.  But there are some simple solutions usingContinue reading “How to use a foam roller to up your Dead Bug game”

Why stretch when you can grab weights!

Piggy backing off of yesterday’s post on warming up, today I wanted to share with you a few exercises that are great at preparing the body for activity by using weights.  Yes, you are going to get some dumbbells or kettlebells in your hands as a way to get ready for your workout! Here’s theContinue reading “Why stretch when you can grab weights!”

Add this move to your warmup!

When we talk about warming up, it can’t just be about a few stretches or doing a few minutes of cardio.  If you are preparing the body to do something dynamic, particularly playing golf, you need to stoke the fire and get the nervous system ready to go! That’s what this exercise is all aboutContinue reading “Add this move to your warmup!”