Hey There!

Hi Everyone!  I’m Shawn, Performance Coach, Golf Coach and binge watcher of HIMYM, Gilmore Girls and The Office.

This site started as a project for me in January of 2017 to force myself into writing again.  After almost 15 years of working in the fitness and sports performance industry, and as a competitive golfer for most of my life, I wanted a place to start putting my thoughts out.  My first love was writing and many years ago I dreamed of being a broadcast journalist.  The introvert in me knew better though, and my true calling was to help others achieve their goals and live a happy, pain free life.  So if you are looking for awesome workouts, glute exercises, golf drills and endless pictures of my cute puppy Danno, this is the place for you!

And if you are looking for more info on me, head here and also check out the awesome people I work with while you’re at it!