Hello Lake Tahoe!

I'm visiting one of my favorite places on earth this weekend, Lake Tahoe!  My parents live in the cabin my Grandpa built in 1960 and it's filled with so many fun memories from my childhood.  There is nothing better than breathing in the clean, pine tree filled air and taking in the amazing views of [...]

More tabata fun!

Last week I shared a few ways to do tabata intervals that help make it easy to create a workout.  Lately I have been getting 4-5 strength and metabolic style workouts in throughout the week, but it's nice having a day focused more on heart rate training.  Since my days of going for a run [...]


Just a little reminder for those of you who have started hitting the gym hard already in the golf off season.....make sure you are still taking golf swings! While it’s awesome that you are building strength and power, we need those motor patterns to stay put and adapt to the changes. It’s tough when the [...]

Real talk…..

I saw this today on the Proactive Coaching Facebook page and had to share it..... "No matter how much you know and no matter how nice you are to others, if you are not a person of integrity and character, you will not be trusted. Integrity and Character make up the foundation on which trust [...]

Monday Rehab: An exercise that targets everything!

I'm always a fan of exercises that challenge several areas of the body at once.  Especially when you are short on time, it's nice to have some go to moves that will work get the muscles firing while asking for balance, stability, mobility and coordination.  Today I bring you an exercise that can be done [...]

Farm Workout

My Sunday was filled with a different type of workout, and one that made me thankful for the hard work I’ve put in the past few months. It included digging up fence posts, pounding new ones down and hauling them all over the property. Two hours of labor later plus a ride on my horse [...]