Playlist alert!

How on earth did it take me this long to discover Imagine Dragons?  I’ve always like some of their songs, but today I created a station on Amazon Prime and it just changed the entire feel in my fitness room.  So tonight I grabbed a few of their songs and a couple others that popped up today and made a 30 minute mix (because that is my favorite amount of workout time 🙂  Check it out!

Starlight -Muse

I Don’t Know Why -Imagine Dragons

Thunder -Imagine Dragons

Wish I Knew You -The Revivalists

Believer -Imagine Dragons

Uprising -Muse

Walking the Wire -Imagine Dragons

Attention -Charlie Puth

Chances are I am going to add a few country songs into this mix because for me working out is not necessarily about playing upbeat music, I like being able to sing along to my favorites.  The best workouts always have some dancing and singing involved!

Happy Wednesday!



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