Playlist alert!

How on earth did it take me this long to discover Imagine Dragons?  I’ve always like some of their songs, but today I created a station on Amazon Prime and it just changed the entire feel in my fitness room.  So tonight I grabbed a few of their songs and a couple others that popped up today and made a 30 minute mix (because that is my favorite amount of workout time 🙂  Check it out!

Starlight -Muse

I Don’t Know Why -Imagine Dragons

Thunder -Imagine Dragons

Wish I Knew You -The Revivalists

Believer -Imagine Dragons

Uprising -Muse

Walking the Wire -Imagine Dragons

Attention -Charlie Puth

Chances are I am going to add a few country songs into this mix because for me working out is not necessarily about playing upbeat music, I like being able to sing along to my favorites.  The best workouts always have some dancing and singing involved!

Happy Wednesday!



Published by shawnfarmersese

I'm Shawn, Performance Coach at Golfletica in Bellevue, Wa. I specialize in bringing out the awesome in athletes, especially golfers. 13 years ago I graduated from the home of the 2010 FCS Football Champions (Go Eags!) with a degree in Exercise Science and a broken down body from playing college golf. That lead to my mission to help the world move better, with less pain and killer dance moves. Thanks to the help of my partner in crime Dr. Harry Sese, not only am I playing pain free golf but I get to witness lives change everyday through the power of teamwork. Check out more at our website

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