Awesome Podcast Alert

Just stopping in tonight to share with you the latest Coach Glass Podcast that just happens to feature a familiar voice on it!  It is always fun to hear these two guys banter back and forth, I feel lucky that I get to witness it in person sometimes.  Bad jokes aside, if we’re talking about two of the most influential people on my life, it is Jason Glass and Harry Sese.  Ok, ok, I’m married to one of them and extremely biased in my opinion, but seriously, Jason and Harry are two of the best at what they do in the entire world.  They both do not get nearly enough credit for the influence they have had on others lives and are far too humble to say a word about it.  They both go about their business changing life after life, giving so much of their time and energy to others.  I would definitely take the 40 minutes in your commute home (especially if you are stuck in this terrible Seattle traffic!), during your run, on your lunch hour or even while you are cooking dinner to take a listen to these two awesome guys!



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