Beyond Hydration…..

Truth:  I suck at drinking water.  Always have, probably always will.  It’s just not a habit I ever picked up, and honestly, the only time I really commit to water is when I’m playing golf tournaments.  Sure I will have a few glasses here or there, especially if I’m training hard.  But throughout the day, it’s just not what I gravitate towards.

What I am good at, waking up in the morning and having a few cups of tea to start my day!  Now that’s something I can get on board with because it’s relaxing, therapeutic, helps set the tone for my day and I put collagen peptides in it every morning and have been getting fantastic results.

But as we talk more about optimal core function, it’s hard to ignore the enormous roll that hydration plays.  The muscles need water, it’s essential to be able to move and flex them.  Water helps transport nutrients to the cells, and it helps remove waste.  Spending all this time getting a better functioning pelvis, better activated and strong glutes and a stabilized lumbar spine is useless if you’re not going to make sure those muscles have every ounce of function available.  It’s kind of like waxing and detailing the outside of your car, but never putting gas in the tank to drive it.

So here are a few tips from one sucky water drinker to another on how to get better at staying hydrated:

  • Find a water bottle you love!  There is something about enjoying water you drink out of that really makes a difference.  I use one that has time segments on it so I have a constant reminder throughout the day on how I’m doing.
  • Use a straw, there is something nostalgic about it for some people and it’s just easier to consume water that way.
  • Add some fruit to it.  A lot of water bottles have infusers now, that’s a great way to add a little something extra to the water and make it more palatable.
  • Remind yourself about how amazing your skin and lips will look after just a few short days of consuming enough water.  Trust me, it’s life changing!
  • Remember that one day doesn’t make or break you, just start slow and build the habit.
  • Keep a water bottle by your bed so that the first thing you grab in the morning is some hydration.  The morning is when you are most dehydrated so it’s always a good idea to get at least 20% of your daily water in the system first thing.
  • A good general rule is to drink half your bodyweight in ounces each day.  If you are particularly active, you may need more!
  • Keep in mind that many fruits and vegetable have water in them as well, so you can get some hydration from food as well.  (definitely not the same as drinking pure water, but it’s something!)

Make the commitment to yourself to get better at this, I’m doing my best right now and I wish I knew why it was so hard.  But as I see my digestion, skin, lips, mobility and mental clarity improve each day, it’s getting easier to stay with it.  And maybe this is a coincidence, but I play 9 holes today and shot even par with no pain……….perhaps I’m on to something 🙂


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