Always Choose the Stairs

Happy New Year!

I read a great quote today that hit home for me and also felt like a good mantra for this new year.

“There is no elevator to success, you must take the stairs”

On a day where so many people decide to make drastic lifestyle changes and resolve to finally workout, lose weight, stop eating sugar, gluten, meat, etc, it’s hard to ignore the feeling of a clean start on January 1st.  But this year I choose to look at it differently and challenge you all to do the same.  Instead of resolving to fix all the negatives, why not resolve to embrace the unique qualities in yourself that make you, well, you!

Making lifestyle changes is no easy feat, and it won’t happen overnight.  What it starts with is patience, perseverance and understanding.  One bad day of eating won’t destroy your hard work, missing a workout does not mean you have lost your focus.  Life gets in the way sometime, and the more we continue to love ourselves and realize that the journey is the reward, the easier it is to make on going decisions to improve our health.

Instead of killing myself in the gym today, I enjoyed a day off with my family.  A trip to the barn to hug my beautiful horse…..

And then a run to the park with my husband and puppy Danno to play in the snow.

When we got home I did a few body weight exercises on my staircase to warm back up!


Do 10 reps of each exercise and repeat 4-5x for a quick home workout!

Cheers to a great year, lets make it an awesome one and keep climbing those stairs!


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