I ❤️ NYC

I’m hanging out in my favorite city this weekend taking in all thing Christmas and enjoying every minute with my husband 🙂 Traveling can be tricky when it comes to staying on track with workouts, but this is where a great hotel gym can bring some inspiration. Ours came complete with a Peloton bike providing [...]


Just stopping in to share a small accomplishment. For years now I keep saying that my goal is to complete a pistol squat, and for years I have tried so hard to improve with absolutely no progress. 5 months ago I made huge changes to my training program in terms of exercises, volume and intensity. [...]

Sunday thoughts

That face! I’m holding this little guy a little tighter tonight and feeling grateful for the love he brings to our lives. The time we have with pets seems way too short sometimes, and begs the question “is it worth the pain you will experience in the end?” The answer will always be yes. Each [...]