A night out!

There is a whole lot of craziness going on in our lives right now between golf, work and travel.  But this guy is just the best and I am so excited to have him home for a few weeks.  

Cheers to a beautiful weekend in the PNW, be sure to take some time to reflect on all the good there is out there!


Prepping for next week!

The past few days has been all about getting ready for next week’s WSGA Mid Am.  It is really difficult these days to put the work to a tourney that I would like, so instead I have to prepare smart.  

Over the years my priority list has changed quite a bit.  Right now, it looks like this….

  • Making sure my body is at its best, this includes getting soft tissue work done, chiro, corrective exercise, motor pattern work and even some strength work!
  • Hydrating, I need to drink more water 
  • Reading The MindSide Manifesto
  • Playing golf 

Years ago this list operated in reverse, but these days it is way more important that my body and mind be in the right state.  ​​​​​​​​​​​

I played the past 2 days and will be getting a few more rounds in this weekend.  It’s all  about committing to my swing and body, building trust and having fun too!  

Hope you all make it out on a course this weekend!


Warm Up Wednesday: Hitting that internal/external hip rotation with Grant Rice

Looking for a great way to address mobility in the hips and pelvis?  The awesome Grant Rice shares with you all today one of my favorite exercises guaranteed to get those hips moving better in the golf swing!


Speaking of hips, I had a golf lesson today focused on moving into the left hip more efficiently.  The light bulb lit right up above my head!! Can you say 15 more yards???!!!  

I’m playing at 6am tomorrow just because I’m so excited to hit the golf ball!


Friday Inspiration

“Don’t live down to expectations.  Go out there and do something remarkable.”

-Wendy Wasserstein


I love this quote because so often people talk about living up to expectations.  But I believe putting expectations on yourself only serves to drag you down.  This is something I am trying to keep in mind lately as I navigate the waters of my ever changing golf game.  By the way, this peacock walked right up to me on the golf course today!

See you all tomorrow for 1700 punches, my arms are tired just thinking about it!


Thursday Wrap Up!

I’m on the Big Island for the next few days hanging with my family and celebrating my sister and new bro-in-law! 

What an awesome day it was seeing them tie the knot!  

Early this morning I went out on an adventure with them hiking the Captain Cool Trail.  It’s roughly 1300ft in elevation change and just under 4 miles round trip.  

We followed this up with a 30min workout of bodyweight upper body exercises and 1500 punches!  

Who needs a gym when there is so much to be discovered out there and your body can provide all the challenge it needs!

Congrats Anne and Dave!!


P.S. How cute is my nephew Max?!!!

Over Doing it

Apparently I have to learn this lesson over and over and over.  At 35 years old sometimes I believe I can continue to push through pain and workout every day, multiple times a day as hard as I can!  

Shawn, repeat after me….you can’t!

These are not words I like to use often, but the bottom line is with 3 bulging discs in my lower back and chronic SI joint issues, too much exercise leads to my current state.

I am alternating between the inferential unit, ice, wine and lecturing myself on my limitations.  

It’s hard to pin point what put me over the edge, but chances are it was a combo of trying Barre Method, hiking and then spending 4 1/2 hours putting an IKEA bed together yesterday.  

Punches and kicks still happened though, just in a modified position.

I’m off to ice again, goodnight!