Dodge, dip, dive, duck, dodge

Working out doesn’t always have to be down to business, lifting heavy, serious stuff to get the job done.  And one thing I have found at my office, the fun also doesn’t have to be reserved for our Junior Performance Program.  Adults need to laugh and be challenged just as much.

So this week I brought back what used to be a staple in our gym, dodgeball!  I like to use this as a finisher to a workout mostly, it’s a great way to burn the lungs out and get everyone smiling on their way out the door.

However, while they are laughing and feeling like a kid again, I’m secretly loving it because heart rates are up, throwing sequences are being reinforced and the person who is the target gets to work on agility, reaction time, quick movements and hand/eye coordination.  We add a few extras as well:  if the target gets hit they have to do a squat, if the target catches the ball, the thrower owes 5 pushups!

And occasionally I make sure to step in as the target so my clients can get a little revenge for the sweat and pain I put them through weekly.  They seem to throw a little harder when I’m in the hot seat!

See you all tomorrow for Warm Up Wednesday!


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