Monday Rehab: Your Mind Frame

Today on Monday Rehab instead of fixing an exercise, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite messages from Dr. Bhrett McCabe that have had vital impact of how I view life and especially my golf game.

“Negative thoughts, like fear, always have some truth.  If not, you would easily ignore them.  Instead, acknowledge them and invest in your beliefs.”

“Success doesn’t appear because you want it to, it shows up because it has been invited, prepared for, fought for and dreamt of.  START FIGHTING FOR IT!”

“The ability to separate your idea of SELF from any performance is what we are all learning to do, not innate, it is learned.”

“One of the greatest mental traps is making a fundamental judgement about your ability or self from one day/game-you are bigger than that.”

“Athletes- Easy to focus on and magnify all the reasons against you- See them as a challenges to be the best you can in their presence.”

Yes, my way of thinking is in rehab.  And as I continue to read The Mindside Manifesto, the more I realize that in life and in sports, having a strong sense of your self image is the very basis of being.  How often do we associate every ounce of who we are with the job we work or the sport we play.  And when something goes wrong in those areas of our life, the first move is to beat ourselves up.  I am so guilty of this, everyday.  So in those moments I return to a few of my favorite quotes as a reminder.  And continue to work everyday at improving how I talk and view myself.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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