Monday Rehab: An exercise that targets everything!

I’m always a fan of exercises that challenge several areas of the body at once.  Especially when you are short on time, it’s nice to have some go to moves that will work get the muscles firing while asking for balance, stability, mobility and coordination.  Today I bring you an exercise that can be doneContinue reading “Monday Rehab: An exercise that targets everything!”

Monday Rehab: My Favorite Exercises for Increasing Stability

If you’re like me, warming up is not always about trying to mobilize the body, it’s more about activating muscles to help gain better stability.  Yes, I have have excessive movement in all the wrong places, and ultimately, improving my stability in those joints will help me have better control and move better from theContinue reading “Monday Rehab: My Favorite Exercises for Increasing Stability”

Monday Rehab: Slow Play Workout

Today I’m providing a quick solution to a problem all golfers encounter (and hopefully don’t cause).  Slow Play!  Every tee box, you seem to be waiting and waiting, and the more there round continues the more irritated you get.  This circumstance is out of your control though, and channeling your energy towards something positive isContinue reading “Monday Rehab: Slow Play Workout”

Monday Rehab: When weights are not an option

You’re on the road with no access to any weight equipment, but you want to challenge your legs. What do you do? Working the muscles doesn’t always have to be about loading heavy weight, there is another way! And it’s all about increasing the time under tension! Yes, you can use your own body weightContinue reading “Monday Rehab: When weights are not an option”

Monday Rehab: Stop what you’re doing…..

…..and squeeze your glutes!  As our month of #200glutesaday comes to a close this week, it’s time to check back in. There are so many great exercises that work the glutes either in isolation or sequentially.  But one of the most important concepts to remember is that doing exercises that claim to work the glutesContinue reading “Monday Rehab: Stop what you’re doing…..”

Monday Rehab: Med Balls Slams, do this….not that!

Let’s keep it simple today…… Med ball slams are an awesome way to work on generating power and sequencing the body.  I use them all the time in all planes, positions, for cardio, power, and to create extreme awesomeness. They are performed wrong all the time though and it makes me want to scream!  WhyContinue reading “Monday Rehab: Med Balls Slams, do this….not that!”

Monday Rehab: Stop the hour long plank holds… this instead!

We’re keeping it simple on this Monday Rehab edition.  Bottom line, planks are awesome, but why on earth is everyone trying to hold it for a million hours?  Ok, I will admit that as a trainer, the plank has long been a wonderful torture device.  But let’s be real, holding it for longs periods ofContinue reading “Monday Rehab: Stop the hour long plank holds… this instead!”

Monday Rehab: It’s Plank time!

Today we are fixing the plank!  Not that it really needs fixing, because it’s kind of an awesome exercise (although I’m not a fan of holding it constant for minutes at a time).  It challenges shoulder stability, core stability, posture and come on trainers, let’s all be honest about it, the plank is great wayContinue reading “Monday Rehab: It’s Plank time!”