Monday Rehab: More on Expectations

For today’s Rehab edition, I want to share with you a powerful exert from Bhrett McCabe’s The Mindside Manifesto.  Just a few days ago I wrote about expectations and the impact they were having on my life, as well as how I am working on lessoning their place in my daily life.

It just so happens that Dr. Bhrett addresses this very subject in his book…….


What strikes me the most in this exert is how he addresses a vision and how great athletes focus on that without an expectation of it happening.  This is definitely something I am battling right now.  It is so hard to step foot on a golf course without the memory of the past and an expectation of what I “should” shoot.

As Dr. Bhrett has said to me many times, “don’t should on yourself”.

My takeaway is the importance having a vision and investing into the process.  Instead of hoping for the best every time I tee it up, it’s essential to let go and enjoy to hard work.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Mindside Manifesto, do it now whether you are an athlete or not.  There is so much to be gained with every word of it!

See you tomorrow…….


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