Monday Rehab: Fixing how you do tournament prep!

And I’m not talking about going to the range and putting in hours of work.  Today on Monday rehab I’m sharing with you the little things that make a huge difference in how you feel heading into that early morning tee time.

One of the keys to freeing your mind up to play awesome golf is reducing as much stress as possible.  I think a lot of people ignore how small issues can lead to a lot of stress the morning of your tournament.  We’re talking a messy golf bag, golf balls not being marked, forgetting food or water, losing your favorite ball marker, digging through a closet for your favorite polo shirt you just have to wear, forgetting your golf shoes, your range finder battery going dead, not eating breakfast……..I could go on forever.  These are the smallest problems that can happen during a tournament, but ones that add up to freaking out and ultimately running late or feeling rushed.

With some preparation though, you can eliminate these worries and wake up feeling confident that you are ready!  I shared some of my day before activities today on my Insta Story, check it out!



Imagine if you made a list and checked off everything the day before your event?  You could wake up refreshed, make a great breakfast and actually enjoy your drive to the golf course without a constant worry that you forgot something.

Much of this too is anticipating what could happen and being ready.  Here are a few other keys for me:

  • Stock up on CR2 batteries for the range finder
  • Keep an extra dozen golf balls in your car already marked
  • Always have your rain gear with you
  • Pack an extra pair of golf shoes and socks (you never know when rain could hit!)
  • Bring more food with you than you will actually eat
  • Make a fun playlist for the car drive, music will always put you in a good mood!
  • Check the traffic when you first wake up

As with life, as much as you prepare, something can always go haywire.  But it’s important to remember that some good planning will always make things run smoother and dealing with one issue verses a 5 equals a lot less worry.



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