Not sure how to workout on the road?…..Give this a try!

I’m in Pullman for the next few days, and without access to kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells……what the heck am I going to do??!!!!

The answer:  roll with the punches and focus on range of motion, bodyweight and getting the heart rate up!

It’s actually perfect timing for me to be away from the weights as I am beginning to taper off my high volume training going into my tournament next week.  So today I kept it simple and focused on motions that are challenging for me and made sure to be diligent on every single rep.  Here’s what it looked like……

  • 30 Second Sprint (I did 9.0 incline/ 9.0 speed on the Treadmill)
  • 10 Push-ups (I modified from my knees so I could slow it down)
  • 10 Cossack Squat (These are tough, but have a huge pay off for hip mobility)
  • 15 Retractions
  • 8 One Leg Squats
  • 20 Speed Skaters

Repeat this sequence 5 times and then finish with one more 30 second sprint!

I was dripping in sweat and felt great afterwards, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s workout brings!

Happy Sunday!


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