Got 10 minutes? Give this quick Kettlebell circuit a try!

This morning I was feeling unmotivated and kept putting off getting my reps in.  All I really wanted to do was put in a mobile Starbucks order and crush the morning bun that tastes awesome after it's warmed up!  The reality is that I'm a morning person, and if I don't get my workout in [...]

Pick up heavy things and you’ll build strength and endurance!

That was the theme of today's workout and let me tell you, it delivered!  It's a magical world when you realize that you can accomplish both strength and endurance in one workout.  The recipe is simple:  lift heavy objects (appropriate for your ability of course), move them around by pushing and pulling, and do it [...]

Moderate Intensity Cardio we still love you

In a world of intervals, HIIT and tabatas, there still lives the land of moderate intensity cardio.  Buy this I mean any workout that maintains a heart rate most likely somewhere between 120-135bpm.  Something like running, walking fast, biking, rollerblading, or in this case, lifting weights!  Yes, you can actually do a workout with some [...]