Just a quick note…..

On why the concept of All or Something is so so so important to remember. I improvised on workouts for 3 days since there were no weights in sight. This meant quite a bit more sprinting than I have done in a long time, plyos and some killer isometric leg exercises. In addition, I walked close to 82,000 steps in three days on an incredibly hilly golf course in 30 mph winds. So when I woke up this morning at 5am with the best of intentions to hit it hard, I was surprised to be met with fatigue. From the second my eyes opened to when I set foot in the hotel gym, my body was not having it today. That’s when plan B happened and I gave myself a break. My workout plan quickly changed to one that would serve to help me wake up, recover and not beat myself up over a missed day of sweat.

The bottom line, I pushed myself hard 3 days in a row and my body needed a break. Just moving and activating was enough today! Something was just what I needed.


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