I’m sharing with you today one of the ways I have decided to approach this new year.  I’ve made resolutions in the past, and honestly, I do like them.  It’s been interesting seeing a new trend this year with people posting about how you shouldn’t wait until January 1st to make a change though.  The trend seems to be very much anti-resolution and more take action now!

Whatever way you choose to approach 2018, January always seems like a good month to do some inventory and evaluate your outlook for the upcoming year.  And this is where the 52 Lists Project comes in!

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I found the book on amazon, and basically it is a collection of lists you will be making each week for the year.  In the forward, it says “The act of list making is such an essential part of our everyday lives, whether we jot down those lists on paper or create plans in our minds.  From scribbling down daily tasks, mapping out lifelong goals, or talking up our top ten favorite songs, so many of our inner desires and thought are revealed through the lists we create”

This hits home so much with me.  I take after my mom when it comes to the pen and paper.  Growing up, she would always have a piece of paper on her desk where she would write down grocery lists, ideas, doodles and she kept a paper calendar.  Most days I find myself reaching for a clean sheet of paper and writing down my ideas.  If you’ve been to my office before you are very familiar with the white board.  This is where I write down all my workouts and it gets a little out of control.  So the idea of having a project throughout the year that lets me get back what feels most comfortable is super exciting.  And if it gets me to expand my thoughts and horizons, even better!

The first task is to List out your goals and dreams for the year, then looks at what the first step would be to achieving your biggest goal.  Here is a little glimpse into my list……

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It’s hard to figure out what the biggest one on there is, there are a few that link together.  And I’m sure it will continue to get longer as I spend more time on this tomorrow.

What are your goals and dreams for this year?  This is such a great dialogue to start with the people in your life.  I’m looking forward to sharing more with all of you!

Goodnight, S


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