#200 Glutes a day, Isometric Challenge

This is by far one of my favorite ways to work my glutes!  Aside from being ridiculously difficult, it also works the obliques like crazy and challenges your balance.

The idea is to get into a kicking position as if you are going to fire out a roundhouse or 45 degree kick.  You’re going to keep the leg elevated though and just keep throwing out kicks!

Here are a few keys to help you with this one:

  • It’s ok to hold onto something when you first start these, but over time you want to gradually let go or only lightly hold on.
  • On the kicking leg, bring the knee up as high as you can and feel the engagement of your obliques helping hold it up.
  • Point the toes as you kick and work on extending the leg completely with each one.
  • The goal is to do as many kicks as possible before you either lose your balance or the leg fatigues.

Happy Kicking!


Published by shawnfarmersese

I'm Shawn, Performance Coach at Golfletica in Bellevue, Wa. I specialize in bringing out the awesome in athletes, especially golfers. 13 years ago I graduated from the home of the 2010 FCS Football Champions (Go Eags!) with a degree in Exercise Science and a broken down body from playing college golf. That lead to my mission to help the world move better, with less pain and killer dance moves. Thanks to the help of my partner in crime Dr. Harry Sese, not only am I playing pain free golf but I get to witness lives change everyday through the power of teamwork. Check out more at our website www.nwsportsperformance.com

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