#52listsproject Week 2

Anyone else enjoying the 52 Lists Project as much as I am so far?  I’ve been so excited this past week to have so many friends join me in taking on the challenge and it’s great to have other people to share with.

The topic this past week was to name all the characters from books, movies, tv etc. that you love and list the qualities you admire in them.  Seeing as how I am a major Netflix Binge Watcher, this List is right up my alley!  Here are a few I included:

Lorelei Gilmore


She’s tough, confident, fashionable, smart and goes after what she wants in life.  I love this character!  Her ability to speak her mind directly to others is something that I aspire to.  Watching Gilmore Girls I can’t help but want to transport myself to Stars Hollow and be friends with her.  Plus, how awesome are her outfits and her hair?  When you’re in your 30’s it’s a weird time where you want to dress more professional and find your own sense of style.  Lorelei does this better than anyone!

Ilsa Faust


Ilsa is the female lead in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and pretty much a complete bad ass!  There is nothing I love more than when a movie casts someone that is strong, athletic and also has a caring, warm side.  This character empowers me to challenge myself and go after what I want.  Plus, I love that she just takes charge.  If you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it now!

Pam Beesly


The character of Pam on The Office is one I identify with more than anyone.  She’s quiet and kind of a wet blanket at the start of the series, but goes through a transformation to find her true self and to find love.  I feel like this is the same path I went through in my 20’s finding myself in the same dilemma of having love right in front of you but being unable to see if for quite some time.  Seeing her take on the challenge of talking more directly to people and telling others what she wants was inspiring, and that’s something I am working on in my daily life.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite characters are and why you love them!  Comment below!

Happy Monday Eve, S

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