My Why

I post workouts on here all the time with the intention of sharing with you what’s working for me and ways that you can improve your own movement.  But I realized today that one thing I have shown much of is a before and after.  Why the hell am I getting after it so hard in the gym?

This is it right here…….

This is my first practice session of 2018 and I’m swinging better than I was in 2017.  Right now I have a couple factors I’m working on, but the beauty in my lesson today was how easy it was the transition into them.

Golfers……don’t let anyone ever tell you that lifting weights is a no no for you.  If you do it correctly, amazing things happen!

This is one of the first recorded swing I have where my head stays completely level from start to transition, it’s a freaking miracle!!  And I credit all the squats, lunges, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, pushups, rows, thrusters and more importantly, increased glute work for this amazing change.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


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