A winning kind of day

I’m going to keep this short tonight because I’m boarding my third redeye flight in the past month and am hoping the enormous amount of activity I had this past week helps me sleep!

What an amazing day! My all time favorite golfer won for a third time on the Champions tour and I got to witness it first hand. It’s so wonderful watching hard work pay off especially when it happens to truly awesome people.

Getting the small glimpses I’m fortunate to have behind the scenes, I can tell you that it is a special experience seeing someone you know and respect win. There is always a team of people contributing to the success, but when you see someone dig deep and make that last putt, it’s just the best!

Today while I spectated in the 80 degree weather in Kona, I tested out one of the Nike SPF long sleeve golf shirts. This fair skinned easy sun burner may have found the greatest golf clothing item on earth! Not only did I stay comfortable all day, the evil sun did not win this time. I’m headed home burn free!

The color is beautiful too with a fun print to help dial back the red just a bit. It comes in quite a few colors and prints and can be worn alone or over a polo. Either way, I’m a fan!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


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