Practice like competition…..

……compete like practice! These are the words my husband instills in me every week. I don’t get a lot of time to practice, so instead I’m always looking for opportunities to challenge my nerves, heart rate, patience and strength. The more I can recreate the feelings I have on the golf course in a practice scenario, the more comfortable I get.

Here are a few of the ways I do just that:

  • Not using headphones when I’m at the range or putting green
  • Doing drills where I change my target or shot after each swing
  • Creating workouts that push my mentally and physically
  • Taking time to myself with no distractions, just me and my thoughts

Today was no exception, during TKD practice the challenge was put forth to jump off our boxing bag and hit a target in the air. My heart rate went right up immediately, but instead of folding, I worked on using the adrenaline to gain focus.

I challenge you all this week to head towards the comfortable and embrace the nerves, you might just find something pretty cool on the other side.


Published by shawnfarmersese

I'm Shawn, Performance Coach at Golfletica in Bellevue, Wa. I specialize in bringing out the awesome in athletes, especially golfers. 13 years ago I graduated from the home of the 2010 FCS Football Champions (Go Eags!) with a degree in Exercise Science and a broken down body from playing college golf. That lead to my mission to help the world move better, with less pain and killer dance moves. Thanks to the help of my partner in crime Dr. Harry Sese, not only am I playing pain free golf but I get to witness lives change everyday through the power of teamwork. Check out more at our website

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