Have you ever seen the movie The Replacements?  It’s one of my favorites of all time despite the terrible acting from Keanu Reeves!  Why do I love it?  Aside for the fact that I’m always a fan of the underdog story, there is a scene in it that I’ve always found so powerful.

The team has just lost their first game at the last second, and are meeting to talk about what happened.  The coach Jimmy McGinty, writes the word fear on the blackboard in big letters and starts a discussion on what everyone fears.  It starts out as a joke, but ultimately opens the door to a powerful conversation about what is really holding these athletes back from being their best.

I think about this scene often because so often in my life, fear has kept me from pushing myself.  One of those fears, I took on tonight and for once I’m clapping for myself!

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

When was the last time you wrote out a list of what you fear most or what is holding you back and started taking them on as challenges?  This weekend I’m going to do this activity and see what I come up with!

Happy Friday friends, S

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