Back to work

A day off after competing is always good, especially when you need to clear your head and do some inventory on what happened. Today I headed back to work to solidify some of my swing changes further and figure out why I went backwards when the pressure was on last week. The good news is my perception of bad is not really bad. The bottom line is that I have really flexible shoulders and my arms can fake a backswing pretty well. The goal today was to work on feeling my thoracic spine turn right better and achieve more separation. When that happens, my hands work significantly less and I can just let my body sling shot. So I’m going to do some work in the gym tomorrow and find some ways to build the motor patterns because at the end of the day, that’s what will translate to competition.

Have you struggled with these parts of your swing? Would a specific workout to address it be helpful? Let me know and I can post some specific exercises this week!


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