A great drill to challenge your balance and engage the hip flexors!

Yes, you heard me right, today we’re working on the hip flexors.  These days it’s all about stretching because most people sit all day, but I’m here to present a challenge.  What if your hip flexors are week and that’s why they feel so tight?  After spending this past weekend challenging my body in ways I didn’t know was possible, it became very clear that I have a deficit in the hip flexor department.

So I worked on this drill today that engages the hip flexors and the core, while challenging you balance!  Fair warning, this one is not for the faint of heart and requires some major engagement of the entire body.

You need a foam roller or something you can wedge between your leg and torso.  The idea is that on each step you take, you will place the object in your hip crease and then use the leg to push it into your torso.  The key……stay tall in your torso and let the leg do the work.  While I’m doing this, my arms are positioned out to the side focusing on engaging the muscles through my arms and back.  I’m also flexing the muscles on my standing leg and feeling like I’m driving my foot into the ground.

The is a great addition to your warm up or even as a recovery set between strength exercises.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


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