Let’s talk Pelvis, and start building your best core!

Yesterday we talked about some great ways to attack the core and get the best function out of your body.  But today, let's go deeper and take a look at the first and most important step in building a sound base that will help you reach all sorts of awesome in everything you do throughout [...]

Tall Kneeling Bottoms Up Kettlebell Shoulder Press……let’s just call it awesome!

I had a lot of questions after my workout post from yesterday about the shoulder press exercise I included in the circuit.  So I thought today I would take the opportunity to expand upon the insane benefits of this exercise and how it came to be in my office. Where did it come from? Meghan [...]

Getting after Stability Training with Kettlebells

My love affair with the Kettlebells only continues to grow.  They have quickly become my go to training device when I want to get my heart rate up and challenge my stability.  Seeing as how one of the biggest issues I have is proximal stability, the kettlebells attack this specific area.  In order to generate [...]