Sliding into your next workout

Hi Friends or maybe I should say long lost friends! It’s been a hot minute since I last posted and that’s a long story for another day and post. But I’m back today and ready to bring you some new content and of course, some awesome exercises. I was working with one of my juniorContinue reading “Sliding into your next workout”

Clam Shells, no longer Basic

Clam Shells are probably the most prescribed, butchered, over and under utilized exercises (if that makes sense) in the history of the world.  If you’ve been to PT to rehab your knee, ankle or hip you’ve most likely done them.  And if you’ve been to PT for a broken finger I guarantee you also gotContinue reading “Clam Shells, no longer Basic”

Let’s talk Pelvis, and start building your best core!

Yesterday we talked about some great ways to attack the core and get the best function out of your body.  But today, let’s go deeper and take a look at the first and most important step in building a sound base that will help you reach all sorts of awesome in everything you do throughoutContinue reading “Let’s talk Pelvis, and start building your best core!”

Tall Kneeling Bottoms Up Kettlebell Shoulder Press……let’s just call it awesome!

I had a lot of questions after my workout post from yesterday about the shoulder press exercise I included in the circuit.  So I thought today I would take the opportunity to expand upon the insane benefits of this exercise and how it came to be in my office. Where did it come from? MeghanContinue reading “Tall Kneeling Bottoms Up Kettlebell Shoulder Press……let’s just call it awesome!”

All or Something: When you’re sick but still want to move

Reality check, I’m not invisible and when my body starting giving me every sign on earth last week that it was time to rest, I gave it the middle finger and went hiking when I knew I was getting sick. I’m always amazed at how I tell my clients to rest when they are sick,Continue reading “All or Something: When you’re sick but still want to move”

A new version of the Jason Glass Step out and up

All week people have been posting their versions of this awesome exercise that looks simple, but is actually quite difficult! It’s a Jason Glass original, and one that I have included in my programs for the last few years after he taught me. Why do I like this exercise so much?  For one, tall kneelingContinue reading “A new version of the Jason Glass Step out and up”

#200glutesaday Tall Kneeling Edition

Today we continue our January mission to activate and strengthen our glutes.  As much as I love those clam shells, it’s important to mix up your training to keep those muscles guessing! Tall Kneeling is one of the most underutilized training positions out there, but let me tell you, it is awesome and definitely deservesContinue reading “#200glutesaday Tall Kneeling Edition”

Getting after Stability Training with Kettlebells

My love affair with the Kettlebells only continues to grow.  They have quickly become my go to training device when I want to get my heart rate up and challenge my stability.  Seeing as how one of the biggest issues I have is proximal stability, the kettlebells attack this specific area.  In order to generateContinue reading “Getting after Stability Training with Kettlebells”

I found a way to enjoy Pushups!

Just taking a break from the awesome lunge here to honor the pushup.  Molly Gabriath of Girls Gone Strong posted this variation today and I instantly fell in love with it! Here is the reality of pushups for me:  I just flat out suck at them. But, that doesn’t stop me from constantly striving toContinue reading “I found a way to enjoy Pushups!”