A new version of the Jason Glass Step out and up

All week people have been posting their versions of this awesome exercise that looks simple, but is actually quite difficult!

It’s a Jason Glass original, and one that I have included in my programs for the last few years after he taught me.

Why do I like this exercise so much?  For one, tall kneeling is one of the most underrated positions to train from but one that has so many benefits.  The same goes for half kneeling!  There is so much demand on the core, posture, balance and stability from these two positions that it equals a party for your nervous system.  What a great way to rev the body up for a workout!  And when you add a rotational component to it, the difficulty rockets to a new level.

Here is my favorite version of the Step Out and Up using my sweet 9 pound puppy who decided to take a nap in my arms while I was warming up for my workout today.

On a separate note, I just noticed how sad I look in this video.  Is this really what I look like working out early in the morning?  Perhaps some more caffeine is needed to get the day started with more energy!  I promise my next exercise demo will be a little more exciting.

See you tomorrow friends!


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