All or Something: When you’re sick but still want to move

Reality check, I’m not invisible and when my body starting giving me every sign on earth last week that it was time to rest, I gave it the middle finger and went hiking when I knew I was getting sick.

I’m always amazed at how I tell my clients to rest when they are sick, but somehow I don’t believe the same rules apply to me.  It’s also amazing how mentally awful I am at being sick, all I have been thinking about the past two days is how all my hard work over the past 6 months is going to be derailed as a result of this.  Truth:  it’s not.  But I’m hard on myself and constantly fighting my urge to overtrain.  So I will keep repeating this to myself: “Workouts are where you break yourself down, rest is when you get stronger”.  Rest is more important than the actual training, and listening to your body is essential.  If all you do is workout, the body never has a chance to improve.

However, I do know that my body thrives on stability, so even though I’m taking a couple days off from pushing myself hard, this also presents a great opportunity to improve my movement.

The good news is all you need is a wall to do these three great drills aimed at stabilizing the lower body while rotating!  And they are perfect ones to add into your warmup repertoire.

Glute Wall Push (it autocorrected to flute 3 times, errrrr!):  Set up in golf posture against the wall and push yourself into it as hard as you can.  You will feel the stabilizing leg light up and the glute activate.  Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides.

Wall Push with Rotation:  Set up in a lunge as close to the wall as you can get without touching it.  Push your leg into the wall again and then rotate away from it.  This will help create lower body stability and also give you a great sense of the separation.

Another version:  This time set up so the bottom of your foot is against the wall and begin pushing it away from you.  Once you feel balanced, rotate from your torso and focus on feeling both glutes fire.

See you tomorrow friends!


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