Take a minute to Breathe

Results won’t happen from just one workout, nor will they come from killing yourself in the gym everyday.  Your body improves and gets stronger during the recovery process.  

I killed my body day after day for years, believing that I just had to push past the pain and work harder even when I had nothing left.  The more I didn’t see the results, the harder I trained.  My body never had the chance to recover, a huge reason why I have dealt with so many injuries.

The best thing you can do for yourself sometimes is just take a moment to be kind to your body, breathe deeply and appreciate everything around you.  If you are sore, take a walk instead of hitting the weights again.  If you can’t remember the last day you didn’t go to the gym, go to bed early tonight and know that a few days of rest will only make you stronger.

Soreness and fatigue only lead to compensation, which will lead to altered movement patterns and that over time equals injuries.  And injuries will keep you from training all together! 

So here is a little reminder to take a few minutes each day the really evaluate how you feel.  Is your body in an optimal state to push the weights hard?  Or does it need more of a recovery workout or a day off all together?  You’re stuck with it for a long time, better start listening to it! 


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