Hawaii Wrap-up

It’s amazing how quickly a trip can go by!  I sat here tonight uploading all the photos I took over the past two weeks, and it all seems like a blur.  The strangest part is realizing that this trip is longest amount of time I have ever stepped away from my office.  To say it was needed is an understatement.  As much as I love what I do, my head was starting to feel foggy at the end of last year and I was finding myself losing patience with so many things in my life.  A true sign that a break was needed, I actually felt relieved to get on an airplane.  For those who know me, especially those who have had to sit next to me on a flight, there is a greater chance of pigs flying than me being happy to fly.

The first week of our trip was spent on the Big Island playing golf, taking longs walks, watching sunsets, swimming, laughing and spending time with some of my favorite people.


After that we hopped on a flight over to Oahu for the Sony Open.  It truly is amazing to witness my husband in this environment.  We may work together everyday when he is home, but getting to see him in action with his tour players is really fun.  They let me go inside the ropes during the practice rounds to witness everything first hand.  I have been such a golf nerd for so long watching these guys on TV week after week, it is incredibly surreal to be walking next to them learning so much.


With Harry working for most of the week, I snuck off for some hiking and horseback riding adventures.  One of my dreams since I was little was to ride a horse on the beach.  Well, I found somewhere to do that on the North Shore!


I also wanted to hike Kokohead Crater, an old railway track that is just over 1000 steps up to the top.  The first time up was a bit rough for me, my fear of heights definitely was tested.  So I made myself come back the next day and do it again despite some very tired legs!  And finally, on our last day in Hawaii, I just couldn’t help myself.  The pain of hiking up these steps was worth the chance to see the sunrise!




There is so much more I could say about what the last few weeks did for me in terms of clearly my head, but the pictures do more justice.  Perhaps my husband will be able to convince me to take vacation more often instead of once every 10 years 🙂


Back to work tomorrow, I can’t wait to see everyone!



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