Some Friday Fun!

Time spent in the gym doesn’t always have to be about lifting heavy and getting sore.  One of my favorite things to finish off a workout with is a little friendly competition.  

Today my morning crew teamed up to make some putts.  First team to make 5 putts wins, and after each make, the other team has to do 5 squats.  

A drill like this serves a lot of purposes:

  • Heart rate goes up
  • We sneak in some more squats
  • It’s fun and promotes a team environment 
  • And most importantly, it gives my golfers a chance to work on focusing when they feel pressure.  Having to make a putt when your heart rate is up and your team depends on you will make those pesky 3 footers feel like a walk in the park! 

Challenge your friends at the golf course with this one, or if you have room at your gym, give it a try there!​​


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