A Quick Thursday Circuit

Just wanted to share my workout from today, because I loved it!

I did 3 circuits, doing 3 rounds of each.  The first one is aimed at getting the body temperature up and the joints moving.  2 and 3 are to make the arms and legs shake 🙂  Have fun!

1a.  Duck Walks with Band 20 Steps

1b.  Bodyweight Squats 10 Reps

1c.  Walkout/Pushup/Hip Sequence Across the Room

2a.  Swiss Ball Hamstring/Glute Curl 15 reps

2b.  Assisted One Leg Squat 5 each leg

2c.  1/2 Kneeling 1 Arm Row 10 Reps

3a.  Bulgarian Split Squat (with 1/2 rep at bottom)

3b.  1/2 Kneeling Landmine Press 6 Reps

3c.  10 Double Unders x 5

Here are some demos of each exercise, my jump rope broke right at the end!



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