Tuesday thoughts…..

I’m sitting here on our flight home to Seattle tonight reading more of the The Mindside Manifesto.  Every sentence is so impactful I feel the need to take notes and highlight!  One statement in particular caught my eye though, and I wanted to share it with you all…
“As an athlete, YOU are the single most important factor in creating the outcomes that YOU want. Nobody can do it for you, and nobody will make it easier for you.”
-Dr. Bhrett McCabe

I love this so much, especially after spending the past few days in the college golf world where as a coach you spend so much time observing competition.  It is one of the most interesting places to witness how each athlete handles just what Dr. McCabe is talking about.  The power is truly in each athletes hands, to make decisions, accept outcomes, work towards their goals.  And as a coach you can’t help but want to help make that happen.  But the truth is all you can do is help provide them with an environment to excel in.

These are things I am working on improving in my personal life and golf game right now.  Creating a better environment to help my clients in, and understanding that as much as I want to help them, they ultimately have to make the decision each day to help themselves.  But when your life exists in a the world of coaching, it is incredibly hard to understand why people make daily choices to not improve.  I also have to look at myself though.  Am I making choices each day that are towards the outcomes I am working towards?  In order to successfully coach others, I believe you have to be experiencing the process yourself.  And as Dr. McCabe writes about in his book, the process that may work for me will not work for everyone.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day!  I’m missing my sweet husband, but thankfully he returns home tomorrow and in the meantime my little guy Danno will be there to cuddle me tonight!



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