Warm up Wednesday: Push it!

A few weeks ago I posted a great glute activation exercise to use as a warm up called the Lateral Wall Push, and today’s is a follow up on that.  So bust out your Salt N Pepa and let’s push it real good!

The Backward Wall Push

A Few Keys:

  • I personally have to stretch my hip flexors ahead of time in order to get the most out of this.  Mine are tight as a drum after the past 3 days of travel!
  • Set up in your golf posture with one foot placed against the wall
  • Make sure your entire foot is in contact with it
  • Check in on your posture, if your back is too arched, this will be a challenging one for you
  • There needs to be a straight line from your knee to the hip and shoulder
  • Push your heel into the wall as hard as you can until you feel that lovely glute burn!
  • Hold for 20sec on each side or until you say oooh baby baby!



Happy Wednesday!


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