Progressive Wedge Drill, with a little extra fun!

We tried out a new on course competition/drill today the ended up being beneficial in a lot of ways!

The goal was to play a match from a designated wedge distance on each hole.  We started at 20 yards on the first hole then went up 10 yards each hole after, resetting back to 20 at the turn.



The trick though was playing up to that specific distance.  Each player ended up having to pay close attention to distance control in order to find the desired position.  From there, the match began!

To make it a little more fun and difficult today, we decided to mess with each other over every shot.  The end result looked something like this…..



And to finish practice off, why not have a group putting competition. Set up in a circle putting to nearby holes.  When one person makes, everyone shifts over one hole.  First person to 5 makes wins!



Happy Friday!


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