Progress not Perfection

This is something I remind myself of daily.  It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting results now that often we forget that there are many lessons to be learned along the journey.  I wanted to post a picture of my horse’s tail today as a reminder of what progress truly looks like and why patience is so important.  7 months ago this sweet girl was lethargic, in pain, dealing with chronic muscle spasms and there were no answers in sight.  Thankfully the right person came along at the right time and discovered a severe vitamin mineral imbalance that was slowly killing her.  There were no instant cures or answers, just a complicated puzzle with no timeline of when she might recover.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming, but that’s why having a plan and small goals is essential.  Today I braided her tail and it was the thickest it’s ever been!  A small sign of progress and huge step forward in her recovery.  Each week I get small glimpses like this of what will hopefully be a healthy horse again.  If only we could all approach life this same way, having a goal and slowly taking steps each day towards it.  As frustrating as life can be sometimes, those moments of challenge help is grow.  Progress, not perfection.


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