Stepping outside the comfort zone

Today I came across a list of the top 30 problems that only an introvert would understand.  I had to laugh when I saw it because today provided a huge challenge for me in that department.  My task today was to record a short video for a little project I am working on, and for some reason it was soooooooo uncomfortable.  I love to write and share what I’m passionate about, but the second I had to look straight into a camera all hell broke loose!

The weird part is that I am not anti social by any means, but definitely have a preference for sitting at home with Netflix, my dog and a warm blanket.  All throughout my life though, I have had a tendency to get lost in my own thoughts.  That’s why number 30 on that list definitely hits home:

“30. That people need to know that you aren’t mad, depressed or anti-social. You just need to not talk to anyone for a while. And that’s okay.”

My project today made it very clear to me that I need to start challenging myself to step outside my little bubble more.  Anyone else feel the same?  It’s so easy to just settle in with what feels comfortable, but will that lead to self improvement?

Just some Saturday evening thoughts from one life long introvert who is about to turn on Netflix and watch some more Hawaii 5-0 🙂


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