Give this bunker drill a try, just make sure you clear your schedule

Yesterday we did a new bunker drill at practice that while completely frustrating, annoying and down right diabolical, ended up being one of my favorites to date!

Here’s the basic set up: 

  • Pick a target on the practice green
  • Hit your first bunker shot to it, but it has to be inside 20 feet to count
  • Once you have that ball as a marker, you’re going to hit 8 more bunker shots that have to be closer to the whole than the first 
  • To make it a little more fun  and challenging, the 8 have to happen consecutively or else you start all over! 
  • If you want more of a challenge, hit that first ball closer so that the 8 shots have to be even tighter to the hole
  • Like I said, make sure you have some time for this because it can take awhile

Thanks Dorsey for the video bomb!


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