Warm Up Wednesday: How to kick off a workout the right way!

The past few months we’ve talked warm up exercises every week, ones that will work on the golf course and some that will get your body ready in the gym….most actually accomplished both!

For me though, getting the body ready for activity requires more than just a few exercises.  It requires some awesome tunes!!

Here are my favorite songs to get my workout started the right way……

  • You Give Love a Bad Name -Bon Jovi:  Because in the words of Barney Stenson, it needs to start with some rise
  • Girls Girls Girls -Motley Crue:  You can’t go wrong with the rev of a motorcycle engine to kick things off
  • Love Shack -B52’s:  How can you not sing and dance along with this one?
  • Groove is in the Heart -Dee Lite:  Another Barney Stenson favorite that gets those feet moving!
  • Push It -Salt N Pepa:  No explanation needed
  • Long Cool Woman -The Hollies:  One of my favorite songs of all time
  • Hard Workin’ Man -Brooks and Dunn:  My favorite band of all time, I’ve been known to break out into a line dance as part of my warm up if this one comes on
  • September -Earth, Wind and Fire:  It’s hard not to get into a good mood after listening to this one
  • I Don’t Like it, I Love It -Flo Rida:  This song just keeps ending up on every workout mix I create
  • Step by Step -New Kids:  Every workout deserves a boyband song 🙂

Now that I’m looking at this list, it may just have to be it’s own workout mix.

What are your favorite songs to get you in the workout mood??  Let me know!


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