What the Cup?!

We’ve all seen it, those big hickeys that people seem to be wearing lately as a badge of honor.  At first I thought it was a disease, but then realized it was from cupping!  And thanks to Michael Phelps at the Olympics this past year, everyone went cupping crazy.

So when our awesome massage therapist at Golfletica, Mary Walgamott, told me she was doing facial cupping, my first reaction was to run the other direction.  Why would I want those awful marks all over my face?!


Well, the good news is that facial cupping does not make it look like you took a bunch of ping pong balls to the face.  In fact, it’s very relaxing and feels really nice.

Cupping dates back 1000’s of years, and traditionally is done by heating up a glass cup that when applied to the skin creates a suction.  This suction helps pull the skin and underlying tissue away from the body helping increase blood flow and circulation.  Basically the cupping helps create space.  Our bodies get bound up by tight muscles, fascia and scar tissue and by using these instruments you can improve the way your body moves.  And as an added bonus it can also reduce wrinkles, puffiness and even reduce headaches due to eye strain!


Here are a few highlights from my treatment today!

She first started with a few pressure points and also applied a PH balanced oil to the skin to begin preparing it.  The cups used are made of handblown glass and are much smaller than the traditional ones used.  Once the treatment begins you feel a somewhat ticklish suction on the skin.  And it’s not just your face receiving the treatment, also the neck and chest area are addressed.

She slowly worked through each area with light suction and then switched to a different cup that was more of an oval shape.  This one is used to get into those areas with wrinkles, which on me are next to my eyes and mouth from too much squinting on the golf course!  After addressing all the needed areas, she used a method to drain the lymph nodes starting on my forehead and working down to the neck.  I starting noticing warmth in my fingertips at this point and some tingling all over.  Mary explained that this was because of the space being created, there was finally room for better circulation!  As someone who struggles with cold hands year round, this made me wonder if facial cupping could perhaps finally make me feel warm again.

She finished the treatment off with a facial mask that cooled the skin and a relaxing hand/forearm massage.  Sign me up for this every week, yes please!!


Afterwards my skin felt tighter and soft to the touch.  On a weird note, my t-spine appeared to be moving better as well.  It made me realize how much my circulation through the pec, shoulder and neck muscles had been restricted due to my never ending list of injuries to that area.  Just one treatment and it helped free up some of the movement I have been missing for so many years.  Will it stay that way, we’ll have to wait and see.  But I will for sure be going back in next week for another treatment to see if we can make some progress.  And if those ridiculous lines near my eyes can go away, even better 🙂


I will keep you all updated on my progress!


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