My favorite post travel exercise

After three days on the road, 4 rounds of golf carrying a golf bag and the stress of tournament play, my body needs a rest.

This exercise has become the main show in my own recovery workouts lately.  And while it seems simple in concept, for many just sitting in the starting position is a challenge!

And that’s where it begins, simply setting up with two 90 degree angles and sitting upright without any assistance.  Doing this will challenge your hip and pelvic mobility, core strength and posture.

Once you can successfully keep yourself from falling on the ground, you can progress to the moving version.  Begin by lifting your bag leg off the ground and once it maxes out, your pelvis will transition to the other side.  Alternate back and forth focusing on engaging the abs and staying as upright as you can.

Afterwards, my body feels so much better!!  Give it a try next time you find yourself in front of the television at night!


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