Saddling up for tomorrow’s match

As I talked about yesterday, my golf game is evolving right now into something very different.  While I continue to work on the physical side and make improvements in my swing to take the pressure off some of my long term injuries, my head is the main focus.

I teeter between feeling timid and apprehensive to feeling engaged and connected with every step I take.  Sometimes I stand on the tee and have trouble just letting go.  My hands tighten up and my body tries to guide the ball into place.  Other times, I feel fluid and balanced, my swing has a comfortable rhythm to it that feels like when your favorite song comes on the radio and you just feel at ease.

Today I could hear that wonderful music for most of the round, but had trouble making sense of how quickly I could bounce between the extremes.  Then I saw this sign on the wall at the Indian Creek Steakhouse tonight and a light bulb came on.


This encompasses so much of what I’m feeling right now, and I will be writing this down in my yardage book as a reminder!  Essentially my golf game has one foot in the stirrup, and tomorrow I will swing that other leg over and ride.  One of the most important aspects riding a horse is relaxing and feeling the movement.  If you tighten up the horse will get tense and react more suddenly to everything around it.  But if you keep light tension in your hands and let your body feel the gate, it’s a much smoother ride.

If you could write down a saying to keep nearby everyday, what would it be?


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