#100kicksaday……Lessons from 12 days in

This entire month of May we’ve been kicking up our heels at the office and taking on the challenge of doing 100 kicks everyday.  Originally the goal was to get us all kicking more often since these days we’re lucky if we get even just 1 day a week of training in.

Taekwondo is a huge part of our office, our entire staff has been training in it for over 5 years.  This is the origin of #Ninjagolf.  Martial arts has become a staple in every aspect of our office, and the benefits it provides for our golfers is unreal.

But life gets in the way sometimes, and we’ve been having trouble fitting in actual training sessions as of late.  When we embarked on doing 100 kicks everyday this month, I was first treating it like a challenge.  But today I realized that it was teaching me a huge lesson.  I’m notorious for spending all my time and energy helping everyone else, and at the end of the day, taking even just a few minutes for myself never happens.

But for the past 12 days, I take 5 minutes and complete my kicks, even if it’s at home before bed.  If I can make 5 minutes for this challenge, why is it so hard for me to make 5 minutes for the other exercises I need to do in order to keep my body feeling at its best?  What it comes down to is making yourself a priority and not feeling guilty about it.  In order to help others, one must first help themselves.  And doing that doesn’t make you selfish.  That is something I need to remind myself of each day.

So for now I will continue to kick up a storm each day and enjoy to benefits it is providing for my heart and mind.  And if my kicks get a little stronger as a result, even better!



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