A little weekend recap

It’s hot outside!  I don’t want to complain, but my house is a sauna right now and it’s supposed to get even hotter this week! I’m currently sitting here in bed watching Gilmore Girls and have an ice pack on me just to have a little relief. 

This just makes me miss the nice cool coastal weather I got to relax in all weekend in Cannon Beach.  It was the perfect combo of cool, but tolerable weather with sun breaks and a nice ocean beeeze.  

Even just a few days away from the office did wonders to help reset my mind and body.  I even took a nap Saturday afternoon! 

There were of course a lot of kicks……

​…..there are no days off on this month’s kicking challenge.  The beach made for a wonderful place to knock them out at though! 

And Danno had the time of his life playing fetch and sprinting all over the sand.  I think my dog is meant to live at the beach! 


Cheers to the week ahead, make sure to start drinking more water in preparation for the heat wave ahead!


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