More lessons from doing 100’s of kicks!

I combined my 200 kicks today with some lower body exercises to create a fast, heart racing and leg killing workout.

This is one of the lessons I am learning from taking the time each day to complete my kicks.  I have never been a big believer in working out for hours, although back in the day I definitely did that.  These days I’m good after 30-45 minutes.  But what about just hitting it as hard as you can for 10 minutes?

That’s basically what I did today, and I felt awesome after!  The beauty of this style of workout is that not only is my heart rate up (something that is really hard for me to do!), but because I’m not trying to carry on for a long period of time, I can maintain my form.  I think this is one of the issues many trainers miss.  In the mission to make people feel like they are going to pass out, they ask clients to complete never ending reps of exercises.  As the client fatigues, their form begins to go south or their range of motion decreases, yet they continue.  The end result is a greater risk of injury and reinforcement of shorter ranges of motion.

Instead, ask the client to complete fewer reps but with maximal output making sure to stop once form breaks.  As they recover, add in some other exercises focusing on balance, core stability, coordination or in my case today, kicking!

Here is what I did today:

  • 20 quick kicks to warm up
  • Reverse lunge to front kick, 10 each side
  • Squat to side kick, 10 each side
  • Reverse lunge to crescent kick, 10 each side
  • Squat to jumping roundhouse kick, 20 alternating
  • Balance quick kicks, 20 each
  • Walking lunge front kicks 20 total
  • Rapid Fire quick kicks, 2 sets of 10 each side

Since I never did more than 10 on a side at a time, I was able to maintain my form while still pushing myself.  This is the key, maximum output but with great form!  10 minutes later, you’re sweating, happy and ready to take on the world.

Happy Saturday!


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