One of my favorite Anti-Rotation exerercises

I’m a big believer that when it comes to training pattern overload athletes (golfers, pitchers, quarterbacks, javelin to name a few) it is so so important to train oppositional.  These types of athletes rotate hard in one direction, 1000’s of times in a given day.  The last thing you want to do in a workout is continue to work that same pattern adding even more wear and tear.  Instead, do the opposite!  These athletes also need to develop the ability to stabilize and decelerate their motion in order to create more power.  One of my favorite statements courtesy of the great Jerry Kelly: You can only create as much speed as you can stabilize.  

Here is a great partner exercise that will work on anti-rotation, a must in any training program!

  • Set up in golf posture with your palms together
  • Be sure to start this exercise from the center
  • The goal is to keep the elbows locked, good neutral spine and a solid lower body to build force
  • Now try to push your partner’s hands from the center position!
  • 1min on each side

Give these a try in your next workout, or stop in tomorrow morning at Athleta Bellevue Square for my golf workout, these will surely be in the mix!


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