More lessons from endless kicking and punching 

The kicking and punching continues, and today was a whopping 1000 punches!! 

Today’s lesson, incorporating all of this craziness into a workout leads to a lot of sweat, empowerment and a sense of accomplishment!

Here’s a look at what I did today……

I didn’t feel like working out today, but I knew I at least had to run through my kicks and punches for the June challenge.  Now that the punches are getting up there, it’s hard to knock them out consecutively.  However breaking them up in a circuit helps them go by faster and makes it easier to count!  

To get myself moving and in a better mind frame to knock out a workout, I actually started by doing 20min of Dance Central.  It’s amazing how just listening to good music and moving around can motivate you into working out!

Before I knew it, 45 minutes had passed and I was dripping in sweat!

Workout success!!

Try adding in some punches to some body weight exercises and see how you feel after.  I guarantee you’ll feel better!


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