Happy Canada Day!

Since it’s Canada Day and I happen to be en route to NYC, it just makes sense to celebrate with a little Robin Sparkles!

What a great way to kick off July with a trip to the city I have always dreamed of visiting.  All my favorite movies and TV shows take place there.  I have been binge watching How I Met Your Mother this last month out of pure excitement! 

But today also marks the start of our new office challenge! 

The punching challenge I embarked on this past month taught me many lessons.  Most importantly that you can in fact develop some awesome upper back muscles without ever touching a weight!  

So this month we continue with the kicks, 100 of them have to be jumping or spinning, and the other 100 will be of any variety.  Shout out to Liz and Kathy who have decided to join me in #200kicksaday this month!

In addition, the punches continue although just 100 this time and we also have to complete 3 of our TKD Forms as well.

Why continue with all this madness?  I am finding that having this daily goal makes my day feel accomplished.  It also pulls me out of the afternoon daze, gets me moving when I’m sore, pushes me to challenge myself each day and I am loving what it does for my golf game.  

I would love for all of you to join me this month.  Simply set a daily goal and check it off each day!  You will be amazed how good you feel even on the most difficult of days.  

We’re off on our adventure, more tomorrow…….S

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