Day 2 in NYC

I wish I had more to post from today, but we spent most of the morning at the 9/11 museum and it was a lot to take in.  

We both found ourselves getting lost in the exhibits and at times crying along with so many others.  What struck me the most was the quiet.  So far everywhere we have been in New York is loud and on the move.  The sound of car horns and sirens fill the streets along with the bustle of so many people.  

But once we stepped inside the memorial, that all changed.  At one point today I walked around a corner to a section where messages left for two of the deceased were being played.  I couldn’t help but begin to read and quickly found myself tearing up.  I wasn’t alone though, a teenager standing next to me had begun to cry as well.  The moment was very overwhelming but also powerful.  Here was someone that was maybe just being born around the time of the attacks still being affected so greatly by this memorial.  

The quiet was almost haunting at times, but also soothing.  But it definitely left us with so much to reflect on throughout the day.  

I’m off to bed now to rest up for once last day of exploring, see you all tomorrow……S

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